Honda CRV AC black death repair

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

TOYOTA pickups rust easily, the Chevy 6.5L diesel engine overheats, and the air conditioning in many Honda models fail. The color of what they vacuum out of your AC lines after the system quits operating is referred to as "Black Death" by owners and specialized mechanics. Many Hondas from the 2000s are affected, but the CR-V compact SUV appears to be the most vulnerable.

The AC compressor is fairly well-known equipment at this time; they all seem to work in the same manner, and they all tend to fail in the same way as automobiles age. The turning out of the clutch can prevent you from turning on the compressor. Leaks can form over time, and if one of them causes the system to run dry, the compressor may lock up completely. Honda compressors from this era are unique in that, while the internals of the compressor can start to fail, the compressor can continue to work for a short time, pushing debris through the rest of your AC system.

This is a problem on several Honda vehicles, but it's most noticeable on the CRV. That could be because the Civic has always been regarded as a semi-disposable economic car, or because the Odyssey's automatic transmission fails before the air conditioning. With its cargo room and all-wheel drive, the CR-V is also a touch more practical than an Accord, which may keep them in service for a little longer. The popularity of SUVs, in general, has increased demand for older models, and the CRV now outsells both the Civic and the Accord. If your CR-air V's conditioner has to be replaced, we have a few solutions for you

●Replace the compressor on its own: this is not recommended, but the parts are still available. The compressor comes with a one-year, unlimited-mileage guarantee, but only if you can prove the drier was changed and the system was flushed. If you don't acquire a drier from us, make sure you have a receipt for the drier on hand, either from another auto parts store or from your mechanic, in case you need to file a warranty claim.

●Order one of our 5-piece kits, which include the compressor with clutch, drier, expansion valve (another part that's easy to gum up, and replacing it along with everything else is relatively easy/inexpensive), new compressor oil, and an O-ring seal kit to block any further leaks in the system. The compressor is covered for two years in kits that comprise all five of these parts, vs one year for the compressor alone.

●Order one of our master AC kits, which come with the core 5 parts listed above, as well as the condenser, evaporator, and AC lines. This is a lot more difficult installation procedure, but it is the best approach to assure your Honda's long-term dependability. It comes with the same two-year guarantee, and as more people become aware of the problem, having invoices for the full AC system replacement will certainly boost your car's resale value.


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